Yoga to Remember

Gentle yoga & meditation events for those who are grieving

Yoga to Remember is a yoga-based emotional support group for anyone grieving a loss. Gentle Yoga & Meditation events are held throughout the year, led by Becky Verner, CYT-200. Becky's experience and passion as related to bereavement centers on the loss of her mother, Mary Jane Verner, to a sudden heart attack at the age of 42. Becky was 10 years old. In the years since Mary died Becky has learned and enlisted a variety of coping tools including: talk therapy, art therapy, group counseling, and the life-changing 8 limbs of yoga. “For me, yoga brings freedom from many physical and emotional pains through introspection and gratitude. Grieving my mom is a big part of who I am; I miss her every day. In my practice I find a sense of peace, acceptance and connection. When I roll up my mat, I’m stronger every time. I hope to share that with others.,” she says. 

Events Held:

Cleveland Motherless Daughters is another resource for grief support locally in Cleveland. The group is based on the national organization and movement Motherless Daughters, led by Hope Edelman. Yoga to Remember is open to the community and those in any stage of grief of any loss. Cleveland Motherless Daughters, however, is limited to women grieving the death of their mothers. 

To learn more about Yoga to Remember, listen to this episode of Planet Prana where I was interviewed about the loss of my mom as a child, and how I've used yoga to cope with my grief. 

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My mom, Mary Jane Pierce Verner.